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Thanks to direct relationship with a huge number of curators our team is able to include your music in popular Spotify key streaming playlists. Discover a new land of opportunities that will take your career to the next level

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Every genre will be considered for our Spotify campaigns, however we can’t accept all submissions. Monthly slots are limited so we can only work on the right material in order to give  artists the best results possible

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Track Review

Our team listen and review your track carefully. If approved we’re ready to move on and start our work!

Pitching Process

Your song will be directly pitched to our personal list of curators, ranging from independent to Spotify ones

Secure Placements

You’ll be included in popular key streaming playlists. This will turn in monthly listeners, streams and new fans

Data Analytics

We monitor the full process to track results on your campaign. You’ll receive a detailed report at the end

Get your tracks featured and build your fanbase on a reliable service

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Dig into song stats and fan insights with Spotify for Artists


Track the progress on your campaign with real-time stats


Get your tracks noticed and expand your reach


Create a sustainable income from your streams


Get help from our team, skilled in improving your algorithms


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Foreign Figures

“As an artist, it’s easy to be hesitant to work with someone you haven’t met in person – there are a lot of “what ifs” that come to mind. When we first connected with Virtuoso, it became obvious that they actually cared about our project. They didn’t just give us a run of the mill pitch about what they do, but they actually listened to our music and let us know which songs they thought could be successful in a campaign. We ended up choosing to do a campaign for our single, ‘Cold War’, and it went extremely well – we got over 100k streams in nearly three weeks. The best part is, they weren’t just empty streams, our followers went up, and we got a ton of saves from the listeners. Since the campaign ended, ‘Cold War’ is still getting more streams, saves and listeners than before. If you’re looking for someone to help pitch to playlisters and curators, we definitely recommend Virtuoso”

Bright Lights

“Virtuoso is always a pleasure to work with – they always hustle hard to get your music heard! With a skilled and super responsive team they are always offering a reliable assistance and a successful placement rate”


“Virtuoso is a trusted PR service offering verified and credible placements. Their whole team is always a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to continue to partner with them in the future for my upcoming singles”

Barrett Crake

“Working with Virtuoso has been a dream. Communication is extremely quick and their work was excellent! They successfully placed my music into several playlists with great results! I really hope to work with them for years to come!”


We tried many different marketing companies and techniques this year. Virtuoso has by far been both the best results, and the most cost effective. We have seen a high ratio of saves on our songs, discover weekly and Spotify radio additions, as well as increased engagement across all platforms during our campaigns with them. We can highly recommend Virtuoso for anyone looking to give their music the best chance in a highly competitive market


“Choosing Virtuoso as our PR agency has been an amazing experience so far. We’ve been working with them for a year and we keep choosing them for our singles. Very trustworthy service and made a great relationship with the team! They brought success multiple times on our releases!”


Tall Children

The service from Virtuoso was excellent. Very forthcoming and excellent to communicate with, also realistic in understanding the management of expectations throughout the whole campaign – which yielded real results. Would definitely recommend!


“Working with Virtuoso has been absolutely wonderful, the transparency and the real-time reports were simply awesome! They helped me understand the campaign every step of the way and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!”

Kofi Daeshaun

“My first attempt at getting my music promoted by Virtuoso happened two years ago. At the time I submitted a song and they replied in a timely manner to let me know they would have problems fielding my music and didn’t accept my submission. I was surprised at how candid they were and respected the fact that they did not just take my money instead. Two years later, I finally got a song accepted and promoted on Spotify. The results were amazing and I’m still getting numbers from the promotion even after it ended. Virtuoso helped me step up as an artist and improve my sound and content. I am at a happy place now in my musical journey and I thank Virtuoso for the growth and for the exposure as a result of my fortuitous interaction with them two years ago”


“Over the years I’ve run a lot of campaigns with Virtuoso and their service has always been beyond my expectations. With a passion for pushing your release like it was their own, Virtuoso is always my first choice for music promotion”


“Virtuoso is by far the best pitching service I’ve tried so far. They managed to get my music on high profile playlists causing a very organic grow in my audience. Not only did the promoted track receive a lot of streams, but I noticed a significant day by day grow in my followers and also more streams on other tracks in my catalog. Outstanding service which undoubtly will use it back shortly. Already scheduled a new campaign.”

About You

“Nowadays it’s been extremely difficult for emerging artists to get their music heard by a larger audience, but Virtuoso made this possible!  I’ve been extremely happy to work with Virtuoso and I’ll surely work with them again!“


Put your best foot forward, we are all ears!

Submission Form Guidelines

1. Keep in mind that we are offering a promotional service, please submit only the material you would like to promote.

2. We accept released or unreleased material without any difference, every genre will be considered.

3. If your track has not been released yet, fill the field with a private link to your song.

4. To send your track use the URL you prefer (Spotify / SoundCloud / Dropbox / Google Drive etc…)


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